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Leadership Team

Meet Darlington’s Technology Specialists

We’re Darlington’s, North East and Yorkshire Technology Specialists


Dion is an experienced senior executive, both at a strategic and operational level, with strong track record in developing, driving and managing business improvement and development, change management and culture change. He has worked with value-adding leadership and transformation creating simultaneous top line and bottom line growth. As a strategic thinker, Dion focuses on practical solutions and a bias for action and leads delivery through effective engagement and purposeful team leadership.

Specialising in Digital / Customer Journey / CRM transformation and Sales related solutions, particularly those using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.com. This includes area's such as mobile and social CRM and the regulatory implications/opportunities for CRM. Dion's proven ability to deliver high-performance systems and supporting processes with broad strategic vision, born from a career at C-Level in software companies across the world, is rooted in the detailed analysis of overarching business objectives and organisational structures.

Extensive experience of different CRM TOM, lead-to-cash processes, customer services efficiencies, marketing automation, master data management and cloud-first computing models with wide exposure to diverse business models, infrastructures and geographies is complemented by strong technology sector expertise and is extended through cultural mobility and an approachable leadership style.

Dion's success comes through immersing himself rapidly into challenging situations, gaining a full understanding of the organisation’s aspirations and priorities, analysing the underlying issues, developing strategies to remedy, and implementing them to completion and closure.

He is comfortable in a variety of corporate structures, whether interacting directly with an organisation’s board, management or shareholders with broad international experience from top management and board positions in USA, Germany, Qatar and United Kingdom.

Dion Kalimeris

Founder, Managing Director and Head of Delivery

As Director of People Operations Sara Kalimeris leads the people operations functions through leadership, differentiated talent models and building a culture of engagement, agility and innovation. Sara believes that a company with strong values who gives employees autonomy is crucial in today's workforce. During her tenure she has transformed the function, culture and impact of People Operations across the company to support it’s business goals and strategies as well as the needs and aspirations of its employees. She is directly responsible for the All People Operations programmes thats Supports TEDS growth. Sara and her team established invaluable benefit programmes.

Sara’s experience spans management roles at enterprise technology companies as well as startups. Sara comes to TEDS with a wealth of knowledge in Employment Law, Strategic Management, Training and Development, Benefits, Risk Management and Recruitment. She is highly qualified with hands on experience in all facets of Human Resources from building a fully functional Human Resources team to dealing with acquisitions and mergers.

Sara Kalimeris

Director of People Operations
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